Semjab AB

Semjab AB repairs, manufactures and deals with pallets and palletcollars.

The company was founded in 2007 and we are currently 11 employees.

We recycle as much as possible by using material from the broken pallets we receive to make useable ones.
The parts that can not be used for production goes straight to energy extraction.
Our trucks are new and have minimal impact on the environment.
We are also working actively for integration for a more open society, by offering many different nationalities to work with us.

Three words are the leading stars for Semjab AB's business:
• Personal service
• Quality
• Economics

For you, this means short delivery times and products that always maintain high quality, whether you choose new or used.  

Prices are at a competitive level and are extra advantageous when ordering larger volumes.  

Welcome to contact us for more information!